- Donation Drive Posters

- Donation Receipt

Host a Drive

Interested in sponsoring a drive for Student Success Stores?
Here's what you need to know.


  • Coordinate when you will hold the drive and the location(s) where donations will be accepted. If donations will be accepted over a number of days, make sure you set aside a holding area for donated goods that won’t inconvenience you or your organization. You can designate a day, weekend, or multiple days to improve participation.

  • Register your drive on this page below.



  • Display posters and other promotional material in key locations throughout your organization (e.g., meeting room, break room, bulletin boards, marquee, parking lot, or elevator.)

  • Post to social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or SnapChat

  • Encourage competition between departments or teams

  • Offer donors incentives or rewards

Collect & Celebrate

  • Celebrate co-workers or friends online for their donations! Don’t forget to give them a donation receipt, and keep a copy of it for Student Success Stores.

  • Folks missed your donation drive? Don’t worry, they can still donate online at

Register Your Drive

Interested in hosting a drive in your neighborhood, workplace, or place of worship? Complete the form below. A representative will reach out to answer any questions or provide assistance.


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